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Treatment Plant Operator – September 2015 – Farewell to Paper

Mobile technologies make data management more efficient and accurate, streamlining every step of collection, analysis and reporting.
Every day the team that operates and maintains the 330 mgd Union Park pump station in South Boston, Massachusetts, uses mobile technology in the form of hand-held tablets to enter data on checklist forms. This allows them to store run times and retrieve data for monthly reports.

The Team members, who service nine other sanitary, storm water and water pumping stations in the area ranging from 1.5 to 6.5 mgd, also enter corrective maintenance work orders through a mobile application on tablets or smartphones; the information is automatically loaded to a computerised maintenance management system (CMMS).

The Georgia Operator – July 2015 – Fayette County Utilizes a New Asset Management Program

The Fayette County Water System is an expansive one, providing service to Tyrone, Peachtree City, Woolsey, Brooks, part of Fayetteville, and part of the unincorporated County, with its two plants, which have a total production capacity of 20.525 million gallons per day (MGD). So when Lee Pope, Water System Director, discovered that several of the System’s eight pumps were not operating as efficiently as needed, he decided the time was right to institute an asset management program that could help comply with new state-mandated maintenance rules.

Pope says he called in four or five different asset management companies to demonstrate their software before finally settling on SEMS Technologies, from Suwanee.

Florida Water Resource Journal – April 2015 – Work Order/Computerized Maintenance Management System: An Effective, Modern Solution for Port St. Lucie

The City of Port St. Lucie, recognized it was time to streamline a dated, paper-based work order system when their current system, built in the early 1990’s, was showing its age. They began researching computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) options to help them run their utility more efficiently.

“The old system wasn’t able to support the amount of assets we currently have”, “We kept expanding on it as we grew and eventually those expansions simply got too big for the system to handle” said PSL Staff.

The Kansas Lifeline – Nov. 2014 – Hillsboro, Kansas Using SEMS Mobile to Consolidate Work Orders

The City of Hillsboro, Kansas has taken the jump into the 21st century utilizing tablets. As you know most utilities continue to use pen and paper to track work orders; from the assignment to the cataloging, creating a time consuming process that is less than appealing. Every so often someone introduces technology that truly fits into the day to day processes we utilize and does not require a computer science degree to learn.

The below article explains how Hillsboro’s field staff can now receive and complete work orders out in the field. There is no more need to have the staff come back to the office multiple times throughout the day to keep up your level of service or call them on the radio to do a job. Now, you can electronically dispatch the work order to the staff in the field. They can then complete the work and send it right back in on either a smartphone or tablet. No more paper or retyping of information back into the software.

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